Event Social Responsibility

While conferences can be great opportunities to network and learn, they can also have some less positive aspects. To support an inclusive and positive conference, ACIS2018 and UTS are promoting event social responsibility through several initiatives.


Sustainabilty and Waste ReductionAt UTS we strive to keep as much waste out of landfill as possible. We aim to avoid, reduce, re-use and recycle, before finally disposing of any remaining non-recyclable and hazardous wastes in a responsible way. Our greatest waste management success to date has come from implementing a diverse set of recycling strategies, targeting key waste streams and materials including co-mingled waste, office paper, e-waste, polystyrene, batteries, and fluorescent tubes. By selecting appropriate waste handling systems, on-campus technologies and behaviour change interventions, UTS has been able to achieve general waste recycling rates above 80% from 2007 onwards. To ensure ACIS2018 remains on par with the UTS sustainability strategy a conference app will be developed that will contain all information regarding the conference, thus doing away with the need to waste precious paper on hard copy programs and proceedings. This app can be downloaded prior to attending the conference.


Women in Engineering and ITThe UTS Women in Engineering and IT (WiEIT) Program aims to inspire future makers with real-world applications of STEM, educate students in innovative ways of thinking, and empower women to realise success in their chosen fields. Through industry partnerships, we foster a network of passionate females and males who are actively involved in the development of our next generation of young engineering and IT professionals. The WiEIT programs provide support for women on their path to becoming a professional in engineering and IT. WiEIT initiatives aim to break down gender stereotypes, empower girls as young as five years old, and connect with women as experienced as senior academics and industry professionals from graduates to founders and CEOs.

To find out more visit the UTS WiEIT website

Indigenous Inclusion

NCIE CateringIndigenous-inspired food provided by the National Centre of Indigenous Excellence (NCIE) forms part of the catering offer at this year’s ACIS Conference. NCIE is a not-for-profit, social enterprise based in Redfern where Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples can access opportunities to achieve excellence. NCIE recognises and celebrates the existing and emerging strengths and assets in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities.

NCIE Catering provides employment pathways for graduates of the NCIE Job Ready program in the preparation and delivery of catering orders. Every NCIE catering order contributes to employment opportunities for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.

Find out more here: https://ncie.org.au/


Oz HarvestOzHarvest was the first organisation in Australia to rescue perishable excess food.  They now work with over 3,500 food donor businesses to collect quality surplus food and deliver it directly and free of charge, to over 1,300 local charities. The demand for food relief continues to rise, with two million people relying on charitable organisations for food support each year. Events and conferences are prone to excessive amounts of food waste. At ACIS2018, UTS want to ensure that this food is managed in the most sustainable means possible. OzHarvest will collect surplus food at the end of each conference day.

If you would like to know more about OzHarvest please visit their website www.ozharvest.org.