Organisational Resilience and Disruption Track

The Organisational Resilience and Disruption track aims to explore resilience and disruption in organisational and societal contexts. Organisational resilience has been defined as the ability of an organisation or other social entity to accommodate the effects of ‘environmental’ change. These effects may be short or long term and operate over local, regional or global extents. Many organisations rely on traditional strategies for organizational resilience that leave them unprotected against unexpected consequences and effects. What are the best practices, models and theories that enable new forms of strategy to be developed that can enhance organisational resilience and that enable organisations to absorb events, mitigate against detrimental impacts, develop resilience and maintain their competitive edge and profitability. The changes to workplaces and work practices that are the consequence of the widespread adoption of new technologies have produced many new modalities for disruption as well as new opportunities for new forms of industry, new kinds of organisations, as well as new approaches to the design and execution of work. These disruptions also test the resilience of organisations.

 Suggested Topics include but are not limited to:

  • New Approaches to Organisational Resilience and Disruption
  • Frameworks for Business Continuity Management
  • Risk assessments for various kinds of natural and human disruption
  • Organisational Survivability and Resilience of various Risks
  • Patterns of Organisational Resilience
  • Theorised case studies in Organisation Resilience and Disruption
  • Organisational Resilience and Disruption in Federal, State and Local Government
  • Organisational Resilience and Disruption in Private Sector entities
  • Organisational Security and Preparedness

Track Chairs

Rodney Clarke

University of Wollongong

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Biswajeet Pradhan

University of Technology Sydney

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Dongming Xu

University of Queensland

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