Emerging Technologies and the Internet of Things Track

The Internet of Things (IoT) is an emerging and promising area that proposes to turn every tangible entity into a node on the Internet. IoT is widely regarded as the leading technology that will change our world in the next decade. With a network of cheap sensors and interconnected things, the information we collect about our world will be generated at a much higher granularity from IoT devices. IoT will play a critical role to i) improve productivity, operational effectiveness, decision making, and to ii) identify new business models for social and economic opportunities. Successful deployment of IoT solutions will allow for safer roads, better use of public transport and cities, effective and cheaper aged care and healthcare, better use of our energy resources, to name a few.

While IoT-based digital strategies and innovations provide industries across the spectrum with exciting capabilities to create a competitive edge and build more value into their services, similar to what the Internet has done in the past 25 years, there are still significant gaps in making IoT a reality. Existing Internet protocols, tools, and service-oriented standards are not designed to deal with things in IoT, many of which are resource constrained. Specifically, the IoT environment is a federated environment where things and their data, cloud services, and IT services (for example, for data analysis and visualization) are often provided by independent providers with diverse interfaces, as well as business, cost, and QoS models. To provide new Internet-scale services, the IoT must (re)use IoT things deployed by others and data collected by others for their own purpose.

In this track, we will explore how information systems can contribute to addressing IoT challenges. Suggested topics include but are not limited to these three main themes:

1.IoT infrastructures

  • IoT and blockchain
  • IoT and big data
  • Next-generation infrastructure for IoT
  • Cloud computing and IoT
  • Edge computing and IoT

2. Developing IoT systems

  • IoT-based business process management
  • IoT and security, privacy and trust
  • IoT and standards
  • IoT platforms, tools, and applications
  • IoT systems development methodologies
  • Reference architectures for IoT

3. IoT applications

  • IoT and e-health
  • Artificial Intelligence for IoT
  • IoT-enabled smart homes and smart cities
  • IoT and Web of Things
  • IOT in social and economic applications

Track Chairs

Michael Sheng

Macquarie University

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Fethi Rabhi


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