Conference Program

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Conference Proceedings

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Organisational Resilience and Disruption

186Christofer TolisStrategic Resilience: A Case of Collaborative Exploration of Land-use Planning and Total Defence
29Abdulaziz Alghazi, Tingru Cui, Samuel Fosso Wamba, Mengxiang Li and Jun ShenAssessing the Determinants of Business Value Related to IT Projects: A Strategic Alignment Perspective of Public-Sector Organisations in Saudi Arabia
34Anushke GuneratneInformation System resilience among Non-profits: Peak led collaboration as strategy for development

Digital Business Innovation

16Anne Faber, Adrian Hernandez-Mendez, Sven-Volker Rehm and Florian MatthesVisualizing Business Ecosystems: Applying a Collaborative Modelling Process in Two Case Studies
31Tuan Chau and Hepu DengCritical Determinants for Mobile Commerce Adoption in Vietnamese SMEs: A Preliminary Study
51Neeraj Sahu, Hepu Deng and Alemayehu MollaA capability based framework for customer experience focused digital transformation
61Janne J. Korhonen and Asif Qumer GillDigital Capability Dissected
76Thamer Alshammari, Yen Cheung and Chris MessomM-government Adoption Research Trends: A Systematic Review
79Ashish Kumar Jha and Indranil BoseSupplying Innovation?: Investigating Impact of Suppliers on Innovation in IT Firms
96Ravi Seethamraju and Krishna Sundar DiathaAdoption of Digital Payments by Small Retail Stores
103Laiza Limpin and Raymund SisonDrivers’ Tactics in Ridesharing Economy in the Philippines
109Khalid Alshammari, Arthur Adamopoulos and Martin DickOrganisational Transformation as a Consequence of Software-as-a-Service Usage by Small and Medium Enterprises
164Prasanna Balasooriya L.NA Confirmatory Investigation of the Factors Influencing the Cloud Adoption in Local Government Organisations in Australia.
180Ahmad Ghazawneh, Osama Mansour and Magnus BergquistStrategizing in Digital Application Marketplaces
184Henrik C.J. Linderoth, Amany Elbanna and Mattias JacobssonBarriers for Digital Transformation: The Role of Industry
195Ziqi Liao, Xinping Shi and Man Hei YeeKey Determinants of Enterprise E-banking Assimilation
52Aidan Duane and Richard HaglExploring the Impact of Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality Technologies on Business Model Innovation in Technology Companies in Germany
107Maria Veronica Torres Pena, Christoph F. Breidbach and Andrew TurpinSelf-Organizing Service Ecosystems: Exploring a New Concept for Service Science
183Erwin Fielt, Peter Westerveld, Kevin Desouza and Guy GableBusiness model innovation and organizational transformation when confronting digital disruption: The case of data-driven business models for professional services

Emerging Technologies and the IoT

78Memoona Anwar, Asif Gill and Ghassan BeydounA review of Australian information privacy laws and standards for secure digital ecosystems
194Tharaka De Vass Gunawardena, Himanshu Shee and Shah Jahan MiahInternet of Things for improving Supply Chain Performance: A Qualitative study of Australian retailers

Social Impact, Diversity, and Inclusion

42Trang Nguyen and Victor ChenWhat Drives Post Adoption Behavior in Virtual Traffic Community: The Role of Utilitarian and Hedonic Values
55Scott Morton, Petrea Redmond and Peter AlbionFactors discouraging participation of girls in ICT education
65Jose OrtizRescuing the Media in Emerging Democracies through ICT
83Helen Hasan and Henry LingerOlder Women Online: Engaged, Active and Independent
125Mike SeymourArtificial Intelligence Is No Match for Human Stupidity: Ethical Reflections on Avatars and Agents
30Asma Aleidi and Daniel ChandranThe Influence of IT on Women’s Entrepreneurial Intention in the Saudi Context
147Misita Anwar, Bingley Scott and Burgess StephenUnderstanding ICT strategy of women small business owners in developing countries: Linking social media use, business strategy and well-being
187Sojendra Prahdan, Cat Kutay and Susan BeetsonBuilding Digital Entrepreneurial Platform through Local Community Activity and Digital Skills in Aboriginal Australia
203Saeed Khan and Sojen PradhanPerceived Antecedents to The Success of Impact Sourcing in Bangladesh

Information and Knowledge Management

12Zhu Dengya, Shastri Nimmagadda and Torsten ReinersAn Integrated Information Retrieval Framework for Managing the Digital Web Ecosystem
70Jie Yan, Dorothy Leidner, Hind Benbya and Weifei ZouThe Interplay between Social Capital and Knowledge Contribution in Online User Communities
133Aastha Pant, Anup Shrestha, Eric Kong and Mustafa AllyFacilitating Knowledge Transfer based on a Resource Based View of Tacit Knowledge Stock: A Skills Assessment Perspective
145Saleem Malik, Madhu Chetty and Mehmood ChadharInformation Technology and Organizational Learning Interplay: A Survey
37Mujid Attar, Dr.Kyeong Kang and Dr.Osama SohaibThe Effect of Organisational Culture and Knowledge Environment on Organisational Success: Directions for Future Research
72Muralidharan Ramakrishnan, Anup Shrestha, Aileen Cater-Steel and Jeffrey SoarIT Service Management Knowledge Ecosystem – Literature Review and a Conceptual Model
108Yohanes Anggoro, Suwin Sandu and Ghassan BeydounIdentification of Complexity Issues in the Jakarta Energy Planning Process using Agent-Oriented Analysis

Business Analytics and Big Data

136Shanlin Chang, San-Yih Hwang and Yu-Chen YangConstructing Cooking Ontology for Live Streams
151Dai Hoang Tran, Zawar Hussain, Wei Zhang, Khoa L.D. Nguyen, Nguyen H. Tran and Quan Z. ShengDeep Autoencoder for Recommender Systems: Parameter Influence Analysis
135Maryamalsadat Shamekhi, Helana Scheepers and Ashir AhmedThe impact of Business Analytics on organisations: An Information Processing Theory perspective

IS in Healthcare

18Quy Nguyen, Rob Meredith and Frada BursteinA Comparative Study of Critical Success Factors for General and Healthcare Business Intelligence Systems
118Atae Rezaei Aghdam, Jason Watson and Hasti ZiaimatinA Systematic Review of Online Value Co-Creation in the Healthcare Service Ecosystem
139Isabella Eigner, Daniel Reischl and Freimut BodendorfDevelopment and evaluation of ensemble-based classification models for predicting unplanned hospital readmissions after hysterectomy
155Sophie Cockcroft and Jane HendyTelehealth Adoption: Three case studies at the organisational level
162Adam Poulsen, Oliver Burmeister and David TienA Design-Practice Approach and Ethical Design Framework for Elderly Care Robots
171Hajar Alamri, Reeva Lederman and Rachelle BosuaUsing Online Photo Sharing to Support Parents with Type One Diabetic Children
41Neethu Mathai, Mohd Fairuz Shiratuddin, Ferdous Sohel and Alex WangConsumer Perceptions in the Adoption of the Electronic Health Records in Australia: A Pilot Study
60Yujing Xu, Yu Tong and Stephen LiaoSelf-Control Matters: Examining Indirect Use of Hospital Information Systems and its Control Mechanisms
95Mohan Tanniru and Kamaljeet SandhuEngagement Leading to Empowerment-Digital Innovation Strategies for Patient Care Continuity
153Atlarelang Basetsana Kesiilwe, Reeva Lederman and Suelette DreyfusA time-motion based evaluation of the impact of information systems in an emergency department

Design and Design Science (including HCI)

24Stefan Cronholm and Hannes GöbelGuidelines Supporting the Formulation of Design Principles

Agile, Project Management, and IS Development

46Karlheinz Kautz, Gro Bjerknes, Julie Fisher and Tomas JensenDistributed Participatory Design in Crowdsourced Information Systems Development
73Subasinghage Maduka Nuwangi and Darshana SederaToo Tight - Too Loose: Controlling Lessons from a Failed IS Development Project
173Bhavya Peapully Shroff and Rajendra K BandiImpact of IT Multisourcing on vendor opportunistic behaviour - A research framework
175João Barata, Paulo Rupino Da Cunha and Sharon CoyleGuidelines for Using Pilot Projects in the Fourth Industrial Revolution
77Kent Ramchand, Mohan Baruwal Chhetri and Ryszard KowalczykTowards a Cloud Architectural Decision Framework using Case-Based Reasoning and Rule-Based Reasoning
128Neda Azizi and Bruce RowlandsRisk Management in IT Departments: a Process Perspective
160Michael KönningConceptualizing the Effect of Cultural Distance on IT Outsourcing Success

IS Education, Training, and Learning Technologies

62Aaron Bere, Hepu Deng and Richard TayAssessing the impact of using instant messaging in eLearning on the performance of teaching and learning in higher education
188Taiwo Oseni, Mehmood Chadhar, Sasha Ivkovic and Sally FirminOrganisational Learning with SaaS CRM – A case study of Higher Education
67Vince Bruno, Joan Richardson and Jim McGovernNames and Faces: a staff dashboard to support student learning engagement

IS Philosophy and Research Methods

158Natalie Hardwicke, Tim Mahlberg and Kai RiemerThe Existential Doctorate: Liminality in Industry-Academic Doctoral Partnerships
117Mike Seymour, Dirk Hovorka and Judy KayShared Experiences

Social Media

19Julian Marx, Milad Mirbabaie and Christian EhnisSense-Giving Strategies of Media Organisations in Social Media Disaster Communication: Findings from Hurricane Harvey
105Milad Mirbabaie, Jennifer Fromm, Simone Löppenberg, Sophie Meinig and Matthias ReußeThe Potential of Social Media Analytics for Improving Social Media Communication of Emergency Agencies
111Kai Riemer, Laurence Lock Lee, Cai Kjaer and Annika HaeffnerMetrics selection for group type identification in Enterprise Social Network (ESN) analytics
121Dharshani Chandrasekara and Darshana SederaExploring the Boundary Conditions of Social Influence for Social Media Research
144Turki Althaqafi, Susan Foster and Mahbubur RahimPublic value creation using social media applications for the local government context: a pilot case study
157Nwakego Isika, Antonette Mendoza and Rachelle BosuaUnderstanding appropriation of a social media technology to manage chronic illness: The Facebook case
167Joschka Hüllmann and Tobias KrollThe Impact of User Behaviours on the Socialisation Process in Enterprise Social Networks
182Tobias Kroll, Lea-Marie Braun and Stefan StieglitzAccommodated Emoji Usage: Influence of Hierarchy on the Adaption of Pictographs in Instant Messaging
190Natalie Hardwicke and Kai RiemerDo You Understand Our Understanding? Personas as Hermeneutic Tools in Social Technology Projects
35Christian Meske and Ireti AmojoSocial Bots and the Perceived Affordances of Enterprise Social Networks

IS Security Management and Privacy

45Joel Kininmonth, Nik Thompson, Tanya Mcgill and Anna BunnPrivacy Concerns and Acceptance of Government Surveillance in Australia
47Tanya McGill and Nik ThompsonGender Differences in Information Security Perceptions and Behaviour
137Dale KleemanInformation Security Perceptions of Users, Levels of Engagement and Developer Resistance
159Cong Cao, Jun Yan and Mengxiang LiUnderstanding the Influencing Factors of the Effectiveness of Trusted Third Party's Trust Transformation
114Lemuria Carter and Dapeng LiuTechnology humanness, trust and e-government adoption
185Hiep-Cong Pham, Irfan Ulhaq, Mathews Nkhoma and Nhat Minh NguyenAn Exploratory Study of Knowledge Sharing Practice in Cyber Security


13Tim Hamelmann and Andreas DrechslerImpacts of Digital Natives on Technology Acceptance: A Conceptual Analysis
21Shankhadeep Banerjee and Indranil BoseRisky Donation for Rewarding Innovation? Examining Transformation of Technology Consumers into Crowdfunding Patrons
28Tri Lam, Jon Heales, Nicole Hartley and Chris HodkinsonInformation Transparency Matters in Relation to Consumer Trust in Food Safety
56Alvedi Sabani, Hepu Deng and Vinh ThaiA Conceptual Framework for the Adoption of E-Government in Indonesia
127Blair Wang, Daniel Schlagwein, Dubravka Cecez-Kecmanovic and Michael C. CahalaneDigital Work by ‘High-Tech Wanderers’: A Research Agenda for Digital Nomadism from Theoretical Framings Emerging from a Literature Review
129Reihaneh BidarCustomer Value Perception towards Use of Mobile Banking Applications
152Mehdi Asgarkhani, Mark Toleman, Mustafa Ally and Michael LaneThe Impact of Ineffective ITG on IT Deployment: A Study of Failed IT Deployment Initiatives
204Sanjay Lama, Sojen Pradhan, Anup Shrestha and David BeirmanBarriers of e-Tourism Adoption in Developing Countries: A Case Study of Nepal
20Julian Marx, Milad Mirbabaie and Stefan StieglitzYou are now an Influencer! Measuring CEO Reputation in Social Media
27Mahdi Fahmideh and Thorsten LammersA study of influential factors in designing self-reconfigurable robots for green manufacturing
88Huong Thi Thu Nguyen, Mustafa Hashmi and Mary TateTowards a High-level Service Delivery Architecture for OSG
115Mazino Amuno, Paul Turner and Mohammad Sadegh TaskhiriMitigating traceability risks amongst SMEs along the beef supply chain: A multiple case study approach to investigating the role and potential impact of Information technology
161Florian Brachten, Milad Mirbabaie, Stefan Stieglitz, Olivia Berger, Sarah Bludau and Kristina SchrickelThreat or Opportunity? - Examining Social Bots in Social Media Crisis Communication
200Salvatore Flavio Pileggi, Alexi Antonio Lopez and Ghassan BeydounOntology in Software Engineering