Call for Panels, Workshops, and Tutorials

ACIS2018 invites proposals for panels, workshops, and tutorials. The theme of ACIS2018 is Strategic Positioning.  The conference will be held in at UTS, Sydney. Submissions are invited for Panels, Workshops, and Tutorials.  We invite proposals that reflect this theme or topics that would be of current interest to IS scholars and practitioners. Please send your submissions directly to the Program Chairs, Prof Rosemary Stockdale, A/Prof Khin Than Win and Prof Vijayan Sugumaran.

The deadline for submissions is the 15th October.

Panel Proposals

The description of the proposed panel should not exceed 3 A4 pages - this is in addition to the preceding sections (i.e. abstract, panellists’ information, target audience etc).
A panel proposal must include:

  • Objectives of the panel
  • Justification of the importance, currency, and innovativeness of the proposed topic
  • Format of the session
  • Presentation format
  • Innovation in the panel structure
  • Ways in which the debate/discussion will be encouraged
  • Ways in which the audience is encouraged to participate
  • Outcome measures
  • References

The ACIS2018 Panel Proposal Template is available to download here.

Workshop Proposals

Workshops should highlight an area of high priority to the IS community, balancing the interests of academia and industry. They should focus on discussions and explorations of: (i) ideas, techniques and methodologies to advance research or teaching in IS, or (ii) IS-related concepts and/or products from industry and their application to academia or educational curricula.

Each workshop should preferably have an academic chair and an industry chair. Workshop organisers should contact potential attendees (researchers and/or practitioners) to evaluate the level of interest and possible attendance at the workshop.  A workshop proposal includes:

  • Name, affiliation and contact details for the workshop chairs
  • Qualifications of the chairs (for running the workshop)
  • Title of the Workshop, a 750-word abstract, and a brief outline
  • Planned activities during the workshop
  • Planned activities after the workshop i.e. possible publication and research grant strategies
  • Planned target outlets for the workshop output
  • Target audience

The ACIS2018 Workshop Proposal Template is available to download here.

Tutorial Proposals

Tutorials are usually hands-on sessions that offer training in, or a comprehensive understanding of, an emerging field or a state-of-the-art topic that is relevant to the IS community. Each tutorial proposal must include:

  • Name, affiliation and contact details for the presenter
  • Qualifications of the speaker (for running the tutorial)
  • Tutorial title, a 750-word abstract, and a brief outline
  • Duration of the tutorial (e.g. half-day or full-day)
  • Planned activities during the tutorial
  • Special requirements (e.g. Internet access, software etc)
  • Target audience and maximum number of tutorial participants (if limited)

The ACIS2018 Tutorial Proposal Template is available to download here.